Nintendo's epic role-playing adventure Fire Emblem: Awakening was supposed to release in stores yesterday, but note that the key word of that sentence is "was".

According to Amazon, the game has run into a "potential shipping delay", forcing it to hold back from sending out units to those who pre-ordered it.  Likewise, GameStop has run into an error with the game, stating that it's "currently unavailable online".  Best Buy also shows it as unavailable at the moment.

After doing some checking, we've learned that Best Buy will get it back in stock on February 6th, and both Amazon and GameStop will have it on the 8th.  Nintendo hasn't stated what's up with the supply matter, we're still looking into that.

Meanwhile, if you do need the game and don't feel like waiting, good news.  You can download Fire Emblem: Awakening directly from the Nintendo eShop now, for the low cost of $39.99.  So at least you have access to it somewhere, right?

You can read more about Fire Emblem's strategic gameplay here.