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Fire Emblem Awakening a Niche Hit Here In the U.S.

by Prima Games Staff

Fire Emblem may not have the same recognizance level as other popular Nintendo franchises, like Mario and Legend of Zelda, but it certainly has its fair share of fans.  And they came out in droves to buy the latest game in the series, Fire Emblem Awakening, when it released last month.

According to Nintendo of America, the game’s debut at retailers managed to score 180,000 units sold across the board, a pretty decent number for a game that didn’t have a huge marketing campaign behind it.  And for those who were having trouble finding the physical edition of the game, it was also available on the eShop, where it did fairly good business as well, moving 63,000 downloads in its own right.

That’s a pretty big boost considering the last game in the series, Shadow Dragon, only sold over 250,000 units in all.  If you like tactical RPG’s, or something with a deep sense of strategy, you’ll jump right in to its magical world.  Like right now.

Fire Emblem Awakening is available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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