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Final Fantasy X: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

This final chapter of our walkthrough will take you from the assault on Bevelle to the final battle.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

You’ve conquered the Blitzball Tournament, crossed The Moonflow and braved the Thunder Plains and now it’s time to race toward your final confrontation with Sin. This final chapter of our walkthrough will take you from the assault on Bevelle to the final battle.

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Aqua Flan: 2,025 HP 240 AP 340 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Fish Scale

Bat Eye: 380 HP 240 AP 320 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Cave Iguion: 550 HP 240 AP 300 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Soft

Maze Larva: 2,222 HP 1,850 AP 620 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Fish Scale

Octopus: 4,500 HP 700 AP 220 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Dragon Scale

Phlegyas: 1,680 HP 650 AP 410 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Dragon Scale

Sahagin: 1,380 HP 200 AP 180 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Fish Scale

Swamp Mafdet: 850 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None

Warrior Monk: 1,400 HP 420 AP 460 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

YAT-99: 4,200 HP 1,870 AP 1,300 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: Remedy

YKT-63: 4,200 HP 1,870 AP 1,300 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: Remedy

Spathi(boss): 20,000 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None

Grothia(boss): 8,000 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None

Pterya(boss): 12,000 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None

Seymour Natus(boss): 36,000 HP 6,300 AP 3,500 Gil | Drops: Lv. 2 Keysphere

Mortibody(boss): 4,000 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None

Evrae Altana(boss): 15,384 HP 5,800 AP 3,000 Gil | Drops: Blk Magic Sphere | Steal Water Gem





Knight Lance


Skill Sphere

Blk Magic Sphere

Wht Magic Sphere

HP Sphere

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXII

As soon as the party lands they are assaulted by several waves of Yevon’s Warrior Monks. Push your way through until you are reunited with Yuna and prepare to put all your previous trials to the test in Bevelle’s Cloister of Trials. This set of trials consists of a maze made of floating platforms activated with Bevelle Spheres. In order to activate a platform, a pedestal holding a Bevelle Sphere must be pushed into the center.

  •  As you proceed through the maze, keep a close eye on the glyphs along the path. When your platform passes over them, press X to move the platform in that direction. Turn right with the first glyph on the path and ride to the bottom.
  • Take the Bevelle Sphere and place it on the other side of the pedestal then push it back onto the platform to reactivate it and ride back to the top of the maze.
  • Once you reach the top, turn to the right to head down the path and take another right at the very next glyph to find an empty glyph slot.
  • Place one of the glyphs from your pedestal into the empty slot and reactivate the platform again. Head to the end of the maze and turn around.
  • When you reach the center, turn to the right (across from the slot you just filled) and move the Bevelle Sphere in that slot to the pedestal.
  • Head back to the lower portion of the maze and turn left then follow the path to the third glyph at the very end and turn right.
  • Place one of the Bevelle Spheres into the slot to create a walkway and return to the platform. Turn right (your only option) and you will teleport to the beginning of the lower path.
  • Ride down the path until you reach the second-to-last glyph (This will the the second after you begin moving down the path) and turn right. head down the hall and grab the Glyph Sphere from the wall and put it in the pedestal.
  • Head to the right and return to the walkway you created earlier and place the Glyph Sphere in the wall to remove it and gain access to the Destruction Sphere.
  • Ride the platform around and place the Destruction Sphere in the slot you took the Glyph Sphere from to open up another pathway on the lower level.
  • Before heading to the new pathway, head to the end of the path on the lower level and remove the Bevelle Sphere from the end of the path then place it in the pedestal. If you do not have two Bevelle Spheres, you will be unable to access all of this temple’s treasure!
  • Ride off the end of the platform to return to the beginning of the path (yes, again!) and turn right into the corridor the Destruction Sphere opened.
  • Push the pedestal across the platform and head down the path to find a set of stairs leading to a chest with an HP Sphere.
  • This is where that second sphere comes in! After taking the HP Sphere, the chest will disappear and reveal a switch on the floor. Step on it to bring the Pedestal up the stairs into the room.
  • Remove one of the Bevelle Spheres and place it in the wall to open up another path.
  • Push the pedestal (which still has a sphere!) onto this new path and ride it to Bevelle Temple’s real treasure, a Knight Lance.
  • Ride the platform back across and follow the path past the floor switch to leave the temple.

After the next series of events the party is separated and you will take control of Yuna. Fortunately, her new aeon is more than powerful enough to handle any enemies in this maze so take some time to catch her up to the rest of the party’s strength as you grab the treasures and search for your party members. Once you’ve been reunited with Kimahri, Auron and Lulu, head north to continue


HP: 8,000 (Grothia) 12,000 (Pterya) 20,000 (Spathi)

AP: 6,000

Gil: 0

Drops: None

Steal: None

Much like your battles with Belgemine, Isaaru will put your aeons to the test in three fights. For the first fight, summon Bahamut and whether Grothia’s attacks until your Overdrive Gauge is filled then end the fight with Megaflare. Next Isaaru will summon his form of Valefor, Pterya.

Summon one of your aeons that is able to heal itself with black magic (preferably one with a full or nearly full Overdrive) and Pterya should prove little problem. The final stage of the fight is where things get real as Isaaru summons Spathi or as you know it, Bahamut. Bring out another of your elemental aeons to help keep their HP topped and watch for Spathi to begin a countdown. Be ready to guard with the shield action when the countdown hits 0 as Spathi will then unleash its own Megaflare. Keep on the offensive while watching your aeon’s HP and you will eventually emerge victorious.

Next you will regain control of Tidus in an underwater channel. Take a moment to spend any Sphere Levels and if available, equip any piercing weapons to make some of the enemies easier to defeat. Proceed forward past the second save sphere for another fight.


HP: 16,384

AP: 5,800

Gil: 3,000

Drops: Blk Magic Sphere

Steal: Water Gem

There are two distinct ways to combat Evrae Altana. The first involves using trigger commands to strike the locks on the gates nearby, fleeing from the boss and positioning you to deal extra damage. If you choose this option cast haste on Rikku to give her more opportunities to heal and use softs on the rest of the party to keep them fighting. The second method of fighting Evrae Altana involves a long-standing Final Fantasy tradition. Because it is undead, Avrae Altana has the unique property that causes it to actually take damage from healing items and spells.

Taking advantage of this, using Phoenix Downs on the boss will cause thousands of extra points of damage and allow you to defeat it in one or two actions! Using this trick also allows you to access treasure in the tunnels that would otherwise have been blocked off by closing the gates to trap Evrae Altana.

The party at last fully reunites just in time for a surprising confrontation. Despite the pressing matters at hand, the Highbridge area is a great place to gain a few extra Sphere Levels with save spheres on either end, allowing you to stay healed as you level. To make the upcoming battle easier, consider making sure Yuna and Tidus have the ability to cast Reflect and Hastega, respectively.


HP: 36,000 (Seymour) 4,000 (Mortibody)

AP: 6,300

Gil: 3,500

Drops: Lv. 2 Keysphere

Steal: Tetra Elemental (Seymour) None (Mortibody)

Like your first encounter with Seymour you will find that Auron, Yuna and Tidus all have unique trigger commands that will give them a stat boost for the battle. Avoid summoning any aeons in this fight or Seymour will simply banish them as he did in your first encounter and allow Yuna to take a healing role. Because Seymour will counter any direct attacks against him with a flurry of magic spells, your primary target in this fight is the strange creature Mortibody. When it runs out of HP, Mortibody will drain life from Seymour to keep itself alive allowing you to cause damage without incurring Seymour’s wrath. However, Mortibody also heals Seymour, which is where Reflect comes in. Casting Reflect on Seymour will cause any of the Mortibody’s healing spells to bounce over and heal your party instead. Keep reflect up and continue to target Mortibody to drain Seymour of all his health and defeat him once more.



Anacondaur: 5,800 HP 1,380 AP 750 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Petrify Grenade

Chimera Brain: 9,800 HP 1,200 AP 1,000 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Ice Gem

Coeurl: 6,000 HP 1,300 AP 1,100 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Mana Spring

Dark Element: 1,800 HP 810 AP 520 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Shining Thorn

Defender: 12,000 HP 2,700 AP 1,300 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Lunar Curtain

Epaaj: 8,700 HP 970 AP 950 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Flame Flan: 1,500 HP 480 AP 448 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Fire Gem

Ghost; 9,999 HP 1,450 AP 750 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Phoenix Down

Imp: 880 HP 770 Ap 610 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Lightning Gem

Magic Urn: 999,999 HP 0 AP 0 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None | Notes: Use the items it requests for a reward

Malboro: 27,000 HP 2,200 AP 1,500 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Remedy

Mech Hunter: 5,500 HP 820 AP 673 Gil | Drops: Phoenix Down | Steal: AL Bhed Potion

Mech Scouter: 2,750 HP 480 AP 384 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: Grenade

Nebiros: 700 HP 480 AP 320 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Poison Fang

Nidhogg: 2,000 HP 810 AP 602 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Ogre: 9,400 HP 1,080 AP 980 Gil| Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Stamina Spring

Shred: 1,950 HP 480 AP 368 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Hypello Potion

Skoll: 1,000 HP 480 AP 420 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Dream Powder

Thorn: 4,000 HP 830 AP 530 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: SIlence Grenade

Valaha: 8,700 HP 1,320 AP 720 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Yowie: 900 HP 810 AP 480 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Soft


X-Potion x2

Mega-Potion x2


Farplane Wind x60

Flexible Arm

Lucid Ring

Power Sphere x30

MP Sphere

Lv. 2 Key Sphere

Fortune Sphere

15,000 Gil

Ject Sphere

Aeon’s Soul

Cloudy Mirror

Rusty Sword

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIV

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXV

Before leaving Macalania and heading into the Calm Lands proper, search to the west of the crossroads to find another Jecht Sphere then head to the east. While there are plenty of fiends to fight, the Calm Lands are a sprawling, peaceful prairie with plenty to do and explore. To the far west of the Al Bhed trading post is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII and to the southwest you can find Belgemine, ready to challenge Yuna again.

Since she summons Shiva, Yuna should bring out Ifrit and make easy work of the summoner’s aeon. For winning this time you are awarded the Aeon’s Soul and the ability to increase your aeons’s attributes with items. Should you require even more distractions, challenge the Chocobo trainer in the north to gain the ability to ride the giant birds around the Calm Lands as well as a handful of other useful treasures.

To the far east is the monster arena and should you agree to help the owner and capture the requested monsters, speak with him twice to receive an additional treasure in the form of 60 Farplane Winds. South of the monster arena and accessible only via Chocobo is the Remiem Temple where you can find the AL Bhed Primer Vol. XXIV along the western edge of the temple itself. Near the Primer is a sphere that explains another set of Chocobo races that take place in the temple. Should you challenge and win you will obtain the Cloudy Mirror, the first real step toward Final Fantasy X’s legendary weapons.

When you are ready to leave the Calm Lands and continue on your pilgrimage, head north of the monster arena.


HP: 64,000

AP: 6,660

Gil: 3,500

Drops: Lv. 2 Keysphere

Steal: Lunar Curtain

Elemental Attributes: None

The fight with Defender X is a battle of attrition more than anything else. The giant machina will pummel you with strong strikes and can absorb a wicked amount of punishment so it’s important to use your support abilities to their maximum. Your first goal should be hitting the boss with Armor Break and Mental Break to soften it up for your offense, followed by making sure every party member that enters the fray gets Haste and Protect cast on them. Once your defenses are in place it’s just a matter of keeping your HP high enough to survive Defender X’s attacks and hitting it with all you’ve got to bring it down.

After defeating the giant machina, head down into the gorge past the bridge to find the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Inside you can find not only an optional aeon for Yuna to recruit but the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXV is laying on the ground near the save sphere in the back of the cavern.

When you’re done with the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, head back up the gorge and continue to Mt. Gagazet.



Achelous: 5,100 HP 740 AP 420 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Water Gem

Ahriman: 2,800 HP 2,200 AP 650 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Musk

Bandersnatch: 1,800 HP 820 AP 880 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Dream Powder

Bashura: 17,000 HP 1,860 AP 730 Gil | Drop: Power Sphere | Steal: Soul Spring

Behemoth: 23,000 HP 6,540 AP 1,350 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Ether

Dark Flan: 12,800 HP 3,750 AP 1,080 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Star Curtain

Grat: 4,000 HP 980 AP 520 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Antidote

Grenade: 7,500 HP 1,350 AP 540 Gil | Drop: Power Sphere | Steal: Fire Gem

Grendel: 9,500 HP 2,600 AP 730 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Imp: 880 HP 770 Ap 610 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Lightning Gem

Maelspike: 10,000 HP 600 AP 330 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Water Gem

Mandragora: 31,000 HP 6,230 AP 1,200 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Remedy

Mech Defender: 8,700 HP 950 AP 880 Gil | Drops: Phoenix Down | Steal: Al Bhed Potion

Mech Leader: 3,700 HP 830 AP 530 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: Grenade

Nidhogg: 2,000 HP 810 AP 602 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Splasher: 200 HP 140 100 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Grenade

Biran(boss): 2,500 HP 4,500 AP 1,500 Gil | Drops: Return Sphere | Steal: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Yenke(boss): 2,500 HP 4,500 AP 1,500 Gil | Drops: Return Sphere | Steal: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Seymour Flux (boss): 80,000 HP 24,000 AP 12,000 Gil | Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere | Steal: Shining Gem

Sanctuary Keeper (boss): 40,000 HP 11,000 AP 6,500 Gil | Drops: Return Sphere | Steal: Turbo Ether


Mega-Potion x2

Star Armguard

Defending Bracer

Recovery Ring

Hp Sphere

Fortune Sphere

Return Sphere

Lv. 1 Keysphere

Lv. 4 Keysphere

Braska Sphere

Take time to explore the home of the Ronso before climbing the mountain, stocking up on any needed supplies and gear. Leave the village and head up the mountain and Kimahri will have a unique opportunity to learn more Ronso Rage techniques.


HP: 2,500 each

AP: 4,500 each

Gil: 1,500 each

Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Steal: Return Sphere (Biran and Yenke)

Elemental Attributes: None

Kimahri will face his bullies at last in a two-on-one showdown just outside his home. Being Ronso, Biran and Yenke know and will use several different Ronso Rage techniques and using Lancet after they use one will allow Kimahri to learn the technique if he has not already. The techniques the pair uses are: Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Self-Destruct, Thrust Kick, Doom, White Wind, Mighty Guard and Stone Breath. While they don’t have much HP, the pair can be quite tough since Kimahri takes them on alone. Use Mighty Guard when Kimahri’s Overdrive gauge is full if you want an opportunity to extend the fight and steal more abilities or the items the Ronso carry. When either Biran or Yenke falls, the remaining Ronso will become berserk and begin to deal much more damage so make sure you’ve gotten the most out of the fight by this point.

Once the dust has settled the party is free to continue up the mountain toward Zanarkand and the final aeon. Early on in the climb when you reach the summoner graveyard, take the narrow path north to find Braska’s Sphere. If you grabbed the Jecht Sphere back in the Calm Lands you will have three spheres total and Auron will learn a new Bushido technique. At the summit of the mountain is one of the toughest battles in the game so as you climb, take the time to put every one of Yuna’s aeons into Overdrive and consider doing the same with each party member. Save at the save sphere and take a deep breath.


HP: 70,000 (Seymour) 4,000 (Mortiorchis)

AP: 10,000

Gil: 12,000

Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Steal: Elixir

Elemental Attributes: None

One of the most infamous battles in Final Fantasy X, Seymour Flux will test everything your party if made of and then some. As with the first two fights there are trigger commands to boost your stats, this time for Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri so make sure to start the fight with those three in the lead and take advantage of the boost. While Seymour will occasionally cast Dispel on your entire party it’s still important to keep haste and protect up whenever possible to reduce the damage your party takes. Seymour Flux’s battle plan relies on using an ability called Lance of Atrophy to inflict zombie on one of your characters and following up with Full-Life to instantly kill them. Cast Bio early in the fight to keep continuously damaging the boss and when possible use Silence Attack or Silence Buster to limit Seymour’s options on his turns. When Mortiorchis begins to charge for its Total Annihilation attack, make sure to reinforce your protective spells and target it to delay the attack for a turn or two. Like your previous fights with Seymour, he will banish any summoned aeons on his turn but if you took the time to charge their Overdrive gauges there will be just enough time to pull off the Overdrive attack before the aeon is banished. With patience, preparation and a hint of luck, Seymour will fall yet again and you will be free to continue on toward Zanarkand.

Eventually you will reach a dead end for most of the party, forcing Tidus, Wakka and Rikku to strike out alone and look for a path forward. Swim through the tunnels to reach an orb surrounded by a rotation shield. Activate the orb then swim back to proceed forward to another area that requires swimming. At the end of this tunnel, align your party members to the switch that matches their sphere grid color to clear the rest of the way north through the caverns and finally reach Zanarkand.


HP: 40,000

AP: 11,000

Gil: 6,500

Drops: Return Sphere

Steal: Turbo Ether

Elemental Attributes: None

The Sanctuary Keeper is the last line waiting between you and Zanarkand and after Seymour, you’ve almost earned some rest. Start by casting Haste and Protect on each party member and Reflect on the boss to deflect its attempts to heal itself. Use any Overdrives saved up and toss remedies at any party member hit with a status effect from the Sanctuary Keeper’s Photon Wings attack. Hit the boss with armor break and use your strongest physical attacks to bring it down in no time.



Ahriman: 2,800 HP 2,200 AP 650 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Musk

Bashura: 17,000 HP 1,860 AP 730 Gil | Drop: Power Sphere | Steal: Soul Spring

Behemoth: 23,000 HP 6,540 AP 1,350 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Ether

Dark Flan: 12,800 HP 3,750 AP 1,080 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Star Curtain

Defender Z: 42,300 HP 6,000 AP 2,400 Gil | Drops: Lv. 2 Keysphere | Steal: Lunar Curtain

Fallen Monk: 3,300 HP 1,200 AP 540 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Candle of Life

Grendel: 9,500 HP 2,600 AP 730 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Hi-Potion

Mandragora: 31,000 HP 6,230 AP 1,200 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Remedy

YAT-97: 3,700 HP 3,200 AP 1,080 Gil | Drops: Phoenix Down | Steal: Holy Water

YKT-11: 6,200 HP 3,200 AP 1,080 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: Holy Water

Spectral Keeper (boss) 52,000 HP 12,000 AP 7,000 Gil | Drops: Lv. 4 Keysphere | Steal: Ether

Yunalesca(boss): 60,000 HP 14,000 AP 9,000 Gil | Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere | Steal: Mega-Potion


Spiritual Targe

Fortune Sphere

Friend Sphere

Luck Sphere

Lv. 3 Keysphere

10,000 Gil

Sun Crest

After several maze-like areas the path through Zanarkand’s ruins is thankfully straightforward with very few paths off to the side. The fallen city makes up for this by having the toughest enemies you’ve faced yet including the Defender Z, relative of the giant machina you fought back in the Calm Lands. Continue forward and save before entering the final Cloister of Trials.

While only consisting of two rooms, Zanarkand’s Cloister of Trials can either be the easiest or most frustrating in the game. In the first room, step on the glyph to reveal a screen with a group of tetris-like shapes. Each of the glowing switches on the floor in the room will reveal a shape and the goal is to reveal each of the shapes on the screen and no others. Should you step on a switch that reveals an incorrect piece, the puzzle will reset and you will have to reactivate the switches.

Once you have activated the correct switches in the first room six pedestals will appear and a door will open to a larger room. Push one of the pedestals in the corners into the wall to activate another switch puzzle in the larger room. Should you need a reminder; the screen at the back of the large room will always show the pieces to the current puzzle. Completing a puzzle will cause a glyph in the floor to light up.

Completing all four puzzles will allow you to take the Besaid and Kilika Spheres from the display in the larger room. Take them to the first puzzle room and place the Besaid Sphere in the pedestal to the left and the Kilika Sphere into the remaining pedestal on the right to open the path forward and create a save sphere. Take a moment to save your game and prepare for a long series of fights.


HP: 52,000

AP: 12,000

Gil: 7,000

Drops: Lv. 4 Keysphere

Steal: Ether

Elemental Attributes: None

At the beginning of this battle you will notice that every character has a trigger command to move around on the glyph platforms. Positioning and timing are very important in this battle as the Spectral Keeper will counterattack any hits by striking the three glyphs in front of it, damaging anyone standing there. Designate your toughest character (likely Tidus or Auron) as a tank by casting protect and haste, having that character use provoke if available and moving your other two party members to glyphs behind the boss. Throughout the fight mines will appear on the glyphs and a counter will appear on the CTB meter. Keep a close eye on the glyph mines as any character standing on one that detonates is almost guaranteed to die. Keep the Spectral Keeper focused on your tank and before too long it will fall and the party can move on.

After the battle with the Spectral Keeper, take some time to fill up any empty Overdrive gauges and heal before moving on to the next battle which consists of three fights without any opportunity to rest in between.


HP: 24,000 (phase 1) 48,000 (phase 2) 60,000 (phase 3)

AP: 14,000

Gil: 9,000

Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Steal: Stamina Tablet

Elemental Attributes: None

If you are unprepared for what she can do, Yunalesca makes Seymour Flux look like a pushover. This fight consists of three distinct phases with Yunalesca gaining new attacks and restored HP for each phase.

For phase one, Yunalesca will counter physical attacks with darkness, magic attacks with silence and any special techniques (steal, lancet, etc.) with sleep so either cast reflect on each party member or have a handy supply of Remedies available. Avoid using any Overdrive attacks in the first phase since the boss has a fairly low HP total and there are two more tough forms coming up.

Phase two adds a new attack that inflicts the zombie status, Hellbiter. Much like Seymour Flux she will follow up by casting a variety of healing spells on the afflicted character to cause damage. Refresh Haste as needed to increase the number of attacks your party gets and push into the third phase. As counterintuitive as it is, make sure not to cure every character of zombie status because when Yunalesca enters her third phase she will begin to use another new attack, Megadeath.

This attack is instant death for any character not afflicted with zombie so as you get close to defeating the boss’s second form allow your party to remain zombies and if Yunalesca casts Regen just use dispel to remove the effect without curing zombie. The third phase is when the party should finally unleash each of their overdrives including your aeons. Because it is necessary to keep your party with zombie status it is very difficult to keep them healed and makes it important to end this phase as quickly as possible.

After Yunalesca has been defeated, grab the Sun Crest nearby and ride to the surface to wait for Cid and the airship.



Adamantoise: 54,400 HP 12,500 AP 2200 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Healing Water

Ahriman: 2,800 HP 2,200 AP 650 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Musk

Barbatos: 95,000 HP 17,500 AP 1,550 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Star Curtain

Behemoth King: 67,500 HP 16,800 AP 1,850 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Healing Water

Demonolith: 45,000 HP 11,000 AP 1,470 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Petrify Grenade

Exoray: 7,400 HP 2,400 AP 840 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Silence Grenade

Gemini: 36,000 HP 22,000 AP 2,200 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Light Curtain

Great Malboro: 64,000 HP 21,000 AP 1,900 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Remedy

Land Worm: 80,000 HP 22,000 AP 2,200 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Stamina Spring

Wraith: 22,222 HP 3,100 AP 1,070 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Farplane Shadow



Wizard Lance

Prism Ball

Knight Lance


Mage’s Staff


Defending Bracer


Phantom Ring

Wicked Cait Sith


HP Sphere

Defense Sphere

Wht Magic Sphere

Skill Sphere

Attribute Sphere

Lv. 3 Keysphere

Lv. 4 Keysphere

Special Sphere

Once the party boards the airship after defeating Lady Yunalesca the world of Spira is at your fingertips. Take any time you need to complete any optional objectives such as unlocking the characters’s legendary weapons and obtaining Yuna’s hidden aeons. You will also find several areas of the game have become blocked by summoners with powerful Dark Aeons that grant enormous rewards if you are able to defeat them.

To help make the final stretch of the game easier, we recommend the following abilities for your characters and on your weapons/armor:






Break Damage Limit

One MP Cost




Being able to cast/doublecast the most powerful spells in the game for only 1 MP makes it much easier to decide how to spend your turns and with Break Damage limit you give yourself the potential to deal tens of thousands of damage on each turn, making the final chain of boss fights significantly easier. If you need the Sphere levels, head to the Omega Ruins found by manually searching near the coordinates X72 Y35. The easiest way to gain Break Damage Limit is to obtain a character’s legendary weapon and activate both relevant crests in the Macalania woods with the Cloudy Mirror you obtained in the Calm Lands. Take the mirror to the crystal at the top of Macalania to change it into the Celestial Mirror which allows you to open the chests containing these powerful weapons. When first obtained, each only possesses the No AP ability but by obtaining the relevant crest and sigil, the weapons can be taken to Macalania and unlocked.


Caladbolg: In the northwest of the Calm Lands past a guard after defeating the Chocobo Trainer.

Sun Crest: Found in Zanarkand after defeating Yunalesca.

Sun Sigil: Defeat the Chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands with a time of 0:0.0.


World Champion: After obtaining the mirror, speak to the bartender in Luca. She will only hand it over if you have put enough time into Blitzball.

Jupiter Crest: Inside the Aurochs’s locker room in Luca.

Jupiter Sigil: After obtaining all of Wakka’s Overdrives from Blitzball tournaments this will eventually be offered as a tournament prize.


Onion Knight: Found underwater in the Baaj ruins after defeating Geosgaeno.

Venus Crest: Found in Guadosalam in the Farplane.

Venus Sigil: Dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolt strikes on the Thunder Plains. Equip an item with No Encounters to make this easier.


Nirvana: After collecting all nine fiends for the monster arena owner he produces a chest containing the weapon.

Moon Crest: On the beach in Besaid where Tidus first wakes up at the beginning of the game.

Moon Sigil: In the Remiem Temple, challenge and defeat Belgemine once you’ve acquired every aeon including the optional ones.


Spirit Lance: Activate all three Qactuar Stones on the Thunder Plains and follow the spirit to a tower, revealing a chest containing the weapon.

Saturn Crest: At the summit of Mt. Gagazet after defeating Seymour.

Saturn Sigil: Complete the butterfly hunt in all three sections of Macalania Woods without touching a single red butterfly.


Masamune: Obtain the Rusty Sword in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and take it to the statue of Lord Mi’ihen on Mushroom Rock Road to reveal the weapon.

Mars Crest: Found on the southern Mi’ihen Highroad.

Mars Sigil: Capture 10 monsters of 10 different species in 10 different regions for the monster arena.


Godhand: Input the password GODHAND for the airship’s locations to find the hidden location with the weapon.

Mercury Crest: Search the sand whirlpools in the Sanubia Desert to find it.

Mercury Sigil: Gain access to the village of the Cactuars and find this sigil in a chest there.

When you are ready to finally destroy Sin, select it from the navigation menu and the fight begins.


HP: 65,000

AP: 17,000

Gil: 10,000 (left and right)

Drops: HP Sphere (left) Lv. 3 Keysphere (right)

Steal: Mega-Potion (left) X-Potion (right)

Elemental Attributes: None

The battles with Sin’s Left and Right Fins are fairly straightforward. Keep your party covered with Haste and Shell to reduce damage and get as many extra turns as you can. Like the battle with Evrae, you will change distance with Sin regularly so bring out Kimahri and Auron when the beast is close but make sure you have Cid move the ship back before Sin gets an opportunity to attack since it deals much more damage at close range. Summon your aeons and try to avoid using your Overdrives and both fins should be severed quickly.


HP: 20,000 (Genais) 36,000 (Core)

AP: 1800 (Genais) 18,000 (Core)

Gil: 10,000 (Genais) 10,000 (Core)

Drops: Return Sphere (Genais) MP Sphere (Core)

Steal: Star Curtain (Genais) Stanima Spring (Core)

Elemental Attributes: 1.5x damage from fire, absorbs water (Genais). None (Sin Core)

Sin’s Core takes very little damage from physical attacks and the Sinspawn will absorb any magic cast at the core so Genais needs to be your primary target. Blast it with fire spells and try to silence it to prevent it from healing and the creature should fall quickly. Target the Core with your strongest spells and have your other characters use Copycat if available. If your magic isn’t up to snuff, weaken the core with Armor Break and wear it down with physical attacks. Use Al Bhed potions for healing as needed and just like the Fins, try to avoid using your Overdrives just yet as you will need them soon.


HP: 140,000

AP: 20,000

Gil: 12,000

Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Steal: Ether

Elemental Attributes: None

This fight is a race against the clock as Sin rushes directly at the airship. For this fight Sin will have its own Overdrive Gauge that will fill a little on each of its turns. You have roughly sixteen turns before Sin unleashes its Overdrive which will completely obliterate the party. At the beginning of the fight, hit everyone with haste and be ready to heal zombie, confusion and petrification while unloading all of the ranged abilities at your disposal including those Overdrives you’ve been holding on to. Eventually Sin will be close enough for Tidus, Auron and Kimahri to reach with physical attacks so let loose with everything you’ve got from aeons to overdrives and bring the monster down.

The party now finds themselves in the Sea of Sorrow, a mysterious place filled with some fantastic treasure. Restore your party and save at the save sphere and note that if you aren’t quite ready it’s still possible to leave. Head north toward the red marker and prepare to face a familiar foe.


HP: 80,000

AP: 24,000

Gil: 12,000

Drops: Lv. 3 Keysphere

Steal: Shining gem

Elemental Attributes: Varies

He’s a stubborn one, isn’t he? This fight with Seymour will be vastly different from what you are used to as he actually comes with elemental vulnerabilities. There are four discs floating behind Seymour called Mortiphasms, each with four different-colored orbs in it. By striking the discs you can cause them to rotate, changing Seymour’s elemental weakness. When all four of the orbs pointing toward Seymour are the same color, he will be vulnerable to the opposing element (red orbs: ice, yellow orbs: water, blue orbs: lightning, white orbs: fire). While he is vulnerable, doublecast the spell Seymour is weak against to maximize your damage but be aware that he can strike the Mortiphasms as well, shifting his element and possibly being healed by your attacks if you don’t pay attention. Seymour is still capable of banishing your aeons but it is rare so don’t hesitate to bring them out if any have a full Overdrive and be ready to refresh your protective spells after Seymour casts Dispel.

After Seymour is finally sent, proceed into the Tower of the Dead. To progress through the tower the party will be tasked with defeating a total of 30 fiends in battle. Once you reach the save sphere at the top of the tower, save and note that proceeding from here takes you to the final stage of the game and there is no coming back. Dodge the icicles and collect the items that appear and once you’ve collected 10 the final fight begins.


HP: 60,000 (phase 1) 120,000 (phase 2)

AP: 0

Gil: 0

Drops: None

Steal: Turbo Ether

Elemental Attributes: None

The final challenge other than the optional bosses takes you on quite a ride over two distinct phases. Braska’s Aeon comes into battle flanked by two Yu Pagodas which will heal it over the course of the battle. They have low HP but will regenerate after a few turns and if you are heavy on the offense, the healing they provide is mostly negligible and you can also use Zombie Attack on the Final Aeon to cause the Yu Pagodas to damage it instead of healing. The boss also comes to battle with its own Overdrive Gauge that slowly fills up. Tidus has a unique trigger command that will cause the gauge to be reset but this can only be done twice and it best saved for the second phase of the fight when the Aeon has far more HP.

Once you’ve shaved off the first chunk of HP, the Final Aeon will shift and pull out a new weapon, signaling the beginning of the second phase. The boss now has a more powerful Overdrive and can strike your entire party at once. As soon as this happens, unleash everything you have saved up and bring the Final Aeon down. Note that if you are fully prepared and have several legendary weapons fully powered up with Break Damage Limit this fight becomes almost comically easy and you will be able to finish off Braska’s Final Aeon with only a handful of attacks.

In the events that follow it is virtually impossible to lose so send off your aeons in style and enjoy a memorable and hard-fought ending to your journey. Now it’s time to jump forward to Final Fantasy X-2!

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