Square Enix’s Manga & Books label is bringing the Final Fantasy VII Remake companion tome to North America this year. The latest in the “Ultimania” line, the artbook - style release of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania is set for December 7, 2021.

Material Ultimania will have a retail price of $39.99, for the physical, hardcover edition that will be up for sale on Square Enix’s online store in addition to regular book retail chains. A digital version will also be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo at a lower $25.99 price tag.

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Regardless of its format, SquarFinal Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Coming To PlayStation 5 With Playable Yuffiee Enix’s Ultimania series is one of the most prolific companions to the games, and this one looks no different. The art included will be comprehensive, ranging from CG assets all the way back to costume references and storyboards. 

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You’ll also find Q&A content, song liner notes and more. This is one of the most thorough looks behind the curtain you’ll be able to access for Final Fantasy VII Remake, alongside the other materials released around the game’s original launch.

That isn’t ad copy by the way; I have one of these Ultimania books for the first batch of Final Fantasy games and the content included is wild. Naturally, following the release date announcement, Square Enix has also launched preorders across several different platforms.

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