With the launch of the Wii U, we found it rather odd that the service didn't really have any game demos to speak of, as that's usually the way players can "try before they buy", so to speak.  A New Super Mario Bros. U demo, for instance, would've been ideal, especially with multiplayer components.

But players aren't out of luck.  EA Sports has answered the call and finally released a playable demo for the service, letting users get a free taste of their spectacular soccer sim FIFA Soccer 13.  The demo is approximately 1.2 GB in download size (those of you with 8 GB-sized systems might want to take note), and takes about an hour to get downloaded and installed.

It's well worth trying out, especially for free, as you can see how the offensive and defensive skills work utilizing the Nintendo GamePad.  Hopefully, more companies will follow suit and release some more demos in the months ahead.  We'd really like to try out Funky Barn.  Just to see if it's, you know, funky.

FIFA Soccer 13 is available now for the Wii U.