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FIFA FUT23: World Cup Heroes Team 2 Players Released

Who Are the FUT23 World Cup Heroes That EA Have Announced?

by Ashley Anthony
FIFA23 Path to Glory

Release date two for World Cup Heroes has come and gone. There should be no more FUT hero pack releases following Friday’s one on FIFA Friday. EA, when first announcing the primary World Cup 2022 updates, mentioned that there would only be two releases of the World Cup Heroes items across two FUT team releases.

The first came on November 11, and many FUT folks thought the next would be announced earlier in the World Cup promo or sometime closer to the start of the knockout phases. Whoever predicted that it would happen ahead of the beginning of the WC 2202 was spot on.

FIFA FUT23 World Cup Heroes Team 2 Released:

  • CB – Jurgen Kohler (Germany)
  • LM – Joe Cole (England) 
  • LB – Joan Capdevila (Spain) 
  • RM – Landon Donovan (USA)
  • CDM – Rafael Marquez (Mexico)
  • CM – Claudio Marchisio (Italy)
  • CAM – Jay-Jay Okocha (Nigeria)
  • CAM – Hidetoshi Nakata (Japan)
  • CAM – Sidney Govou (France)
  • ST – Tim Cahill (Australia) 
  • ST – Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
  • ST – Włodzimierz Smolarek (Poland)
  • ST – Sami Al-Jaber (Saudi Arabia)
  • ST – Clint Dempsey (USA)

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How Do FIFA World Cup Heroes Items Work?

Not all FUT Heroes will receive a World Cup Heroes version while the World Cup update is live. Those who will not receive this update are returning heroes and FUT Heroes in your current squad. There are currently 40 FIFA FUT23 Heroes altogether.

There were previously 19 heroes, with an additional 21 heroes now joining them. These items will replace their base FUT Hero version while in packs. A WC Hero card is unique in more than one way, with a rating between 85 and 89. The speciality of a WC hero is the amazing league-specific chemistry linked to their specific moment in World Cup history.

There are zero club ties but league ties for the particular items. These items will have a noticeable effect on your team’s chemistry in respective leagues. This means that these hero items will increase your chemistry with green linking, no matter what team the other players play for.

For those who missed FIFA’s FUT23 Heroes Team 1 Players release, here you go:

  • GK – Jorge Campos (Mexico)
  • CB – Lucio (Brazil)
  • CB – Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal)
  • CDM – Javier Mascherano (Argentina)
  • CDM – Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast)
  • CAM – Saeed Al-Owairan (Saudi Arabia)
  • CAM – Park Ji Sung (South Korea)
  • RM – Dirk Kuyt – (Netherlands)
  • LM – Freddy Ljungberg (Sweden) 
  • CF – Harry Kewell (Australia)
  • ST – Diego Forlan – (Uruguay)
  • ST – Rudolf Voller (Germany)
  • ST – Jean-Pierre Papin (France)
  • ST – Peter Crouch (England)

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