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Fallout 76 Overhaul Will Add NPCs, Questlines, & Battle Royale – E3 2019

by Prima Games Staff

It appears Bethesda isn’t ready to throw in the towel on Fallout 76 just yet, with new NPCs, Quests, and Battle Royale on the way.

To say Fallout 76 has simply had a bumpy road to E3 2019 would be a gross understatement. More accurately, it’s hit every obstacle on the road, off the road, and in the general vicinity of the road on its way here. That said, the game has its fond fans and Bethesda showed at E3 that it isn’t quite ready to abandon it or them. The company announced new NPCs, questlines, and battle royale for the game, the former two of which just may draw the attention of regular Fallout fans.

Fallout 76’s E3 2019 update was a little bit of a surprise. For as rough of a time as the game has had. Many might have thought Bethesda would shy away from talking about it. Instead, Todd Howard went after it head-on.

“We got a lot of well-deserved criticism,” Howard admitted — Something the team apparently took to heart as Bethesda announced the changes coming to Fallout 76.

‘Wastelanders’ is an update set to bring human NPCs to the game alongside various questing. Players familiar with Fallout will recognize traditional dialogue opportunities that allow the particular player’s stats (or S.P.E.C.I.A.L.) to play a part in the way players interact with them. It’s a step that brings a regular and valued part of the regular Fallout universe to 76’s experience. The Wastelanders update will launch in late 2019.

For those looking for something more immediately available, Wastelanders wasn’t the only thing on display though. Back when Fallout 76 was in full rumor mode, many speculated at the possibility of a battle royale that could be made from the Fallout world. Well, it appears Bethesda is confident enough now to go for it with the Nuclear Winter mode.

Nuclear Winter is a 52-player battle royale mode in which players will head in to the Appalachian wilds to scavenge gear, battle each other inside a narrowing ring of fire, and attempt to be the last one standing to claim the title of Overseer for Vault 51. Apparently, exclusive perks will also be rewarded via the mode. Along the way, players will find gear, weapons, and power armor, not to mention having to contend with the usual roaming monsters which threaten to cut you down in your path to glory.

Despite not going with the obvious 76-player-cap like they should have, battle royale using Fallout 76’s universe and gear doesn’t exactly sound like a bad time, but we also won’t have to wait long to find out. It’s launching as a sneak preview on June 10, 2019 alongside a free week of Fallout 76 offered by Bethesda during the week of E3.

Are the continued changes and additions enough to entice you to return to or discover Fallout 76?


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