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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Adding Crossover Skin With Cuphead

by Jesse Vitelli

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no stranger to having crossover skins in the game. It’s had iconic characters like Doom Guy, Gordon Freeman, and many more. Well, joining the roster of Fortnite skins is now Cuphead and Mugman from Studio MDHR’s indie game Cuphead!

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Adding Crossover Skin With Cuphead

This announcement comes from the Fall Guys Twitter account, which you can see below.

The Cuphead skin arrives this Wednesday, and will be five crowns for the top piece and five for the bottom. This means you’re going to have to win ten games in order to snag this costume. Unless you’ve got some crowns saved up, you better start collecting them now! 

Mugman will be available in the store on Saturday. The top is also five crowns, and the same for the bottom. So if you want both costumes, it’s going to cost you 20 crowns. This is no easy feat, so get to work!

There will also be an emote available for another five crowns.

All in all, if you want everything from the Cuphead set, it’s going to cost you 25 crowns total, which is a crazy amount. 

Currently, Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4, but just last week, Fall Guys announced it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this summer. 

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