Fall Guys Season 4 has been revealed and the beans are traveling to the future. The new season launches next week on March 22, but the trailer gives us plenty to hold on to until then. 

Fall Guys Season 4 Brings Neon Future, New Maps, & Among US 

The season brings seven new rounds to the game, a bunch of new cosmetics, and a brand-new battle pass for players to chase. The beans have been transported to 4041 and the neon-lit future is here. 

The trailer shows off all news maps and obstacles coming to the game and even teases something players might be familiar with.

At the tail end of the trailer we see a Fall Guy gets thrown into the lava, only, is it an Impostor? We’re not really sure, but one thing we do know. Among Us and Fall Guys will have some sort of crossover next season. 

So be prepared for whatever crazy antics will be coming to Fall Guys, will they murder each other? There’s only one way to find out. 

Be sure to check out the trailer below to see everything that will be available at the start of Season 4. 

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