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Fall Guys Offers Free Legendary Skin, Plus a Potted Pineapple?

by Liana Ruppert

You get a new skin in Fall Guys, YOU get a new skin in Fall Guys – EVERYBODY GETS A NEW SKIN IN FALL GUYS! As promised, the team behind Fall Guys has a special treat for players that have been patient while this small studio worked hard through various server issues for the top-performing game on Twitch and Steam right now. 

Fall Guys is the adorable battle royale experience that took the gaming world by storm and because of that, the small studio was not expecting the massive amount of players that would be taking to the experience on day one. Because of that under-estimation, the game has experienced a plethora of server issues, more so on the PlayStation 4 platform, and as they worked hard to correct these issues, they also wanted to send out a “thank you” gift for being patient. 

As an added bonus, anyone that has played the game up until this morning will also get a special added skin as a bonus, because who doesn’t dream about being a potted pineapple? 

The latest freebie comes hot on the heels that a new PC-exclusive Team Fortress skin is now available to buy under the condition that you can win – a lot. While that counts me out, I’m still really enjoying this game and what it has to offer. It’s surprisingly competitive but adorable at the same time, and the Mario Party-esque mini-games make it a pure treasure that we need in these dark times.

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2020 may be taking away our hope, but at least now we have a cute escape to turn to when we need it the most. 

Fall Guys is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. What do you think about Fall Guys and it’s skyrocket to fame? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames