Fae Farm Pays It Forward to Fans at PAX West (As Long as They Preordered)

Preordering pays off in an adorable way.

Fae Farm Town
Image via Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs announced that they will be attending PAX West, which will be held over the Labor Day weekend, September 1-4, 2023.

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is the fact that the Fae Farm developers will be rewarding players who can provide proof of preordering the game with physical goodies. The team has collaborated with StickieTech to create adorable thumb grips and TinyMakesThings, who created wonderful keycaps. They have a limited quantity of these items for PAX West and will be doing daily drops on a first-come, first-serve basis. When they announce the drop, attendees can make their way to the Fae Farm booth, show proof of preorder, and receive the items.

Fae Farm Peripheral Photo of thumbgrips and keycaps
Image via Phoenix Labs

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That isn’t all, though. During PAX West, the team will also be giving away limited event items such as a Fae Farm staff pen, Fae Farm trading cards, and an adorable Lunen plush. Hopefully, these items will make an appearance online later for people who did not attend the event to be able to obtain them. The Official Fae Farm Discord has already shown interest in the items, with the plush being a solid favorite.

This adorable merchandise drop is sure to get anyone interested in Fae Farm ready for the release which is only a few days post PAX West. Eager fans are already counting the days until September 8, 2023, and even deciding which character they wish to romance.

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