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Experience The Prey Free Trial For PC And Console Starting Today

by Christopher Buffa

Prey is one of the best first person adventures we played this year, an open-ended journey through the monster-infested Talos I space station, filled with enemies to fight and loot to stuff our virtual pockets with.  If you didn’t get the chance to experience it (maybe you have the biggest backlog of games to get through), Bethesda has an exciting offer that might convince you to buy the game.

Starting today, there’s a Prey free trial for PC, while the console Prey demo for PS4 and Xbox One will convert into a free trial. The difference? After you finish the one hour of gameplay, you’ll be able to pay to unlock the full game, and your progress in the Prey free trial will carry over so you won’t lose anything.

Prey stands out because you’re able to explore Talos I mostly at your leisure and not simply travel from point A to point B all of the time. The game has this wonderful sci-fi horror atmosphere, and the unique weapons and abilities make it unlike anything that we’ve played. Additionally, the collectibles and documents left behind add depth to the plot, should you choose to slow things down and read everything, which we couldn’t resist doing.

If you decide to play through the game and get stuck, we have a Prey guide that will give you an advantage over the different monsters you’ll face. Find out how to get a gun in Prey (including the Golden Gun), and be sure to make use of the safe and door key codes. We’ll tell you where to find the Disruptor Stun Gun, and when it’s all over, we’ll explain the ending in Prey. If all you want is to figure out the ending, well, that’s entirely up to you. No spoilers in this post!

Enjoy the game, and definitely play it with the lights off and the surround sound cranked up!