New Apex Legends Hero, Catalyst: Abilities and More

Catalyst is the grim trans witch your parents warned you about.

Season 15 has arrived and with it comes Catalyst, a defensive conjurer with a unique set of abilities, a penchant for astrology, and a whole lot of sass.

Catalyst, real name Tressa Crystal Smith, is an elegant witch who grew up on Boreas, a struggling planet with a deteriorating moon. She struggled to adapt to the rigid, capitalistic conformity Boreas demanded, and took refuge with a band of misfits. But when those same friends attempted to save their moon from corporate encroachment, Catalyst found herself caught in the middle. With no choice but to flee Boreas, she found sanctuary on Broken Moon.

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On the lunar surface, Catalyst learned to master ferrofluid in an effort to repair the damaged celestial body she now called home. But just as things seemed to be looking up, the Apex Games swept in, claiming Broken Moon as their new arena. Catalyst, refusing to be crushed by another corporation, joined the Apex Games. And once she wins, she’s going to use the prize money to take back the future she’s been fighting for.

Catalyst’s New Abilities in Apex Legends

Catalyst’s passive, Barricade, allows her to reinforce doors, strengthening them and making it easier to keep enemies out. Or in, if you have something particularly evil planned. Up to two doors that have already been destroyed can also be reinforced.

Her tactical, Piercing Spikes, throws out a patch of black ferrofluid, which turns into spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst is immune to this ability, should another Catalyst use it.

Her ultimate, Dark Veil raises a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be partially blinded and slowed for a brief time.

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