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Everything Revealed at the 2023 Humble Games Showcase

A game for you! And a game for you!

by Shawn Robinson
Humble Games 2023 Showcase

The 2023 Humble Games Showcase just went down, and the publisher delivered their “triple i” lineup of fresh titles alongside some updates for long-awaited titles in their lineup. The team also had some updates regarding their charity initiatives, including the announcement that the team raised a staggering $33 million for charity during the year 2022. If you missed the event, here’s a quick roundup of everything that was revealed at the 2023 Humble Games Showcase.

All Game Reveals at the 2023 Humble Games Showcase

Wizard of Legend is Getting a Sequel

Wizard of Legend 2 Battle
Image via Dead Mage.

Wizard of Legend, the critically-acclaimed action roguelike from the team at Contingent99, is getting a follow-up title! The sequel will be helmed by Dead Mage, best known for creating Children of Morta, with the original team taking a consulting role on the game. The upcoming game promises that classic feel alongside an upgrade to 3D visuals and a four-player co-op. Wizard of Legend 2 is still fairly early in development, though more details surrounding a release date and platforms can be expected in the future.

Bossa Studios Announces New Title Lost Skies

Bossa Studios, known for games like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Fish, is delving into a new genre with Lost Skies, a co-op open-world survival crafting game for up to six players. The title sees you and your friends build up a skyship as you explore floating islands filled with all sorts of ruins of a lost age. These ruins hold valuable treasures and even greater threats. Like Wizard of Legend 2, the game is also fairly early in development but already holds a ton of promise.

#BLUD Mixes Classic Cartoon Visuals With Bloody Combat

#BLUD Combat
Image via Exit 73.

Have you ever watched some of the classic Nickelodeon cartoons and thought, “I wish there was more carnage”? If so, then #BLUD is just for you. As teenage vampire slayer Becky Brewster, you’ll balance the life of an average teenager with the duties of a skilled vampire slayer in a unique take on the 2D action RPG formula. As it stands, #BLUD will release exclusively for PC in 2024.

Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus Blends Hollow Knight and Japanese Folklore

Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus Art
Image via Squid Shock Studios.

The wait for Hollow Knight Silksong ever grows, though there won’t be a shortage of beautiful 2D action platformers any time soon. The brand-new Squid Shock Studios is debuting with an ambitious new title, mixing some of the greatest aspects of Hollow Knight with its taste of beauty and attention to detail. As Bō, you’ll master shapeshifting and brew all sorts of arcane teas to unlock your full potential, all while exploring a world full of equal parts mystery, beauty, and mythology. Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus is set to blossom on PC in 2024.

Breeze in the Clouds Sees an Adorable Corgi Fight Against Polluting Foes

Breeze in the Clouds Breeze
Image via Stormy Nights Interactive.

If you told me we were going to get a game about a corgi fighting against hostile animals that want to pollute the world, I would’ve called you crazy. Yet here we are, and dang, is it ever cute. As Breeze, you’ll control the force of weather itself as you stop your enemies from bringing the world to ruin, all while working to save your best friend Diana. Breeze in the Clouds has no confirmed release window or platform, though follow the team at Stormy Nights Interactive for more information.

Cataclismo Merges Fortress Building an RTS in a Beautifully Strategic Soup

Cataclismo Gameplay
Image via Digital Sun.

Were you a fan of either Moonlighter or The Mageseeker? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the team at Digital Sun is showing no sign of stopping, with their next game Cataclismo being one of their most ambitious yet. In Cataclismo, you’ll control your survivors as they fend off hordes of monsters while building up your fort and creating defenses toward the impending doom. All of this, while bringing a mostly ruined world back from the brink of extinction. No release window or platforms have been specified, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Stray Gods Brings Exceptional Voice Talent to Center Stage

Stray Gods Meeting
Image via Summerfall Studios.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is quickly approaching release, though it’s ensuring that it gets its more musical aspects right. Featuring voice actresses such as Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson, alongside being voice directed by the acclaimed Troy Baker, there’s a lot of talent going into this little indie project. It’s even being helmed by the well-known David Gaider, known for his writing work over at BioWare. Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical releases on PC on August 3, 2023.

Surprise! Supraland Six Inches Under Debuts on Consoles

Supraland Six Inches Under Gameplay
Image via Supra Games UG.

The sequel to the beloved Metroidvania Supraland has seen widespread acclaim on PC, though it’s not letting the momentum stop there. As of right now, you can pick up Supraland Six Inches Under on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, alongside Xbox Game Pass if you’re subscribed. If you’re a fan of interesting puzzles, some wonderfully charming situational humor, and great visuals to boot, trying this game is a must.

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That’s everything that was announced at the 2023 Humble Games Showcase! What was your favorite announcement? Any games you’re itching to try already? Be sure to let us know! While you’re here, check out one of Humble Games’ other titles Carto.

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