Sony has had great success with independent releases for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, thanks to such offerings as Hotline: Miami and the forthcoming DiveKick.  Now two more titles are entering the fray, set for release in the next few months.

First up is Ethan: Meteor Hunter, a new game from Seaven Studio. This 2.5 dimensional puzzle platformer will feature a pint-sized hero using the ability to stop time and control items in the environment in order to save the world.  The game will be released later this summer for PS3, with a possible release coming to PS Vita as well.

Also coming is Curve Studios’ first-person exploration adventure Proteus, a winner at the Indiecade 2011 awards.  In it, you’ll search through an island – which changes each time you play due to procedural generation – and find plenty of exciting mysteries.  This game will release later this year for PlayStation 3.

We’ll have more information on these games in the months ahead.