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Epic Games Store Finally Adds Wishlist Feature

by Prima Games Staff

Epic Games has seemingly been fighting an uphill battle since they revealed their own digital store to rival the likes of Steam and GOG, especially considering it did not have a lot of the same features gaming fans have been accustomed to for years. The company has been working on the Epic Games Store ever since, improving aspects, adding new features, and more. That said, the Wishlist feature that many have requested is officially live, with more to come.

“To start, we’ll be adding filtering and smart searching of items you’ve added to your wishlist,” reads the post on the Epic Games Store. “In future iterations, we plan to add email notifications when your wishlisted titles are discounted, or change status (such as a launch, or becoming available for pre-purchase).” As can be seen in the image below, the new Wishlist button can be found on a product’s page with a small heart icon.

In addition to this, Wishlist items can be found in their own tab located near the bottom left corner of the Epic Games Store launcher. Epic Games also noted that there is more to come in future versions of the new feature. “We’re already planning some improvements for future iterations, but can always use your feedback,” reads the post. “Try it out and let us know your thoughts on our social channels!”

The Epic Games Store may be far from perfect at this point in time, but considering it is much newer than more seasoned stores, it will be interesting to see what Epic Games brings to the table in terms of improvements moving forward. In the meantime, get out there and start Wishlisting to your heart’s content.

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