There have been intermittent rumors that Origin will be appearing on the Wii U console. For now, EA chief operating officer Peter Moore isn't saying whether or not users will be able to download Origin titles to their Wii U.


"We haven't made any announcements on that,” said Moore to CVG. "Origin continues to be a PC-centric service, one that's moving quickly to mobile, but as things evolve in the coming years we'll look at where the demand is. But at the moment Origin is very much PC centric and mobile centric."


Electronic Arts recently updated its user license agreement to say that all of the publisher's Wii U games will be tied to an Origin account. Regardless of the consequences, Moore says he's looking forward to what the Wii U will do for the market.


"We've got three games we're excited about, with Madden, FIFA and Mass Effect," he said.