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Elder Scrolls Miniatures Game Revealed With First Look at Skyrim Figures

by Liana Ruppert

The Elder Scrolls franchise is one of the most beloved RPG experiences in gaming. Pair that with the rising popularity of a solid tabletop experience, it makes sense that the two would intertwine eventually. Thanks to Modiphius Entertainment, we’ve got our first look at an extensive line of phenomenal miniatures for a new Elder Scrolls game beginning with Skyrim but will eventually include other takes from titles such as Oblivion and Elder Scrolls Online.

If the name Modiphius sounds familiar, you may remember them from Bethesda’s other big franchise: Fallout. They took the Wasteland to tabletops with Wasteland Warfare, and now they’re doing the same to the world of Tamriel. From my husbando Marcurio, to Mjoll the Lioness, there are tons of fan favorites making their way to the game with incredible miniatures with even more on the way. 


According to the company, “‚ÄčThe game will feature scenarios ranging from dungeon delves, where you seek out lost treasure, to running battles across the ruined outposts that dot the landscape of Tamriel, all the while fulfilling quests and narrative-driven scenario objectives that will see your band of heroes grow from game to game. Will you claim the ruined fort as yours and build your own settlement, or wander the countryside clearing out foul ruins of the stench of your enemies

“In the first wave, players will raise their banners in the fight for the future of Skyrim as they lead the forces of the Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion in the battles of the civil war. Forces will typically comprise 1-6 heroes and 3-15 troops. The first wave of releases will be a Two Player starter set (that can also be played solo and co-op) and reinforcement sets of resin miniatures for both the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Army. There will also be a Dragonborn single player set, and more races and characters from across the Elder Scrolls stories are planned. A host of accessories like scenery, metal tokens, deluxe dice bags, settlement journals and more will expand your options. Planned releases will expand on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as adding releases from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.”

The Call to Arms promo includes the iconic Dragonborn stature with a 32mm scale figure with a scenic base seen above. The first part of this new experience is set to ship out the first week of June, with the second and third waves going out in the subsequent months.


Liana Ruppert

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