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Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC Has Been Revealed

Rise, Tarnished, we have an Erdtree to burn.

by Jesse Vitelli

From Software’s Elden Ring has been a critical and commercial success since its release back in February 2022. Since its release, fans have been clamoring for even more reasons to explore The Lands Between and revisit the game. Very early this morning, From Software, gave us exactly that.

Last year the game received an update adding more PvP options for players and a dedicated battleground among the crumbling coliseums around the map.

Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC Has Been Revealed

However, this morning we got a very small glimpse at the first story DLC for Elden Ring. Shadow of the Erdtree will be Elden Ring’s first major DLC.

“Rise, Tarnished, and let us walk a new path together. An upcoming expansion for #ELDENRING Shadow of the Erdtree, is currently in development. We hope you look forward to new adventures in the Lands Between.”

While a release date has not been given, we do now have official confirmation that the DLC is being worked on, and hopefully, it won’t be too long before we learn more information about the game.

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The concept art in the tweet above shows a decaying Erdtree and the ruins around it. What could this mean? We’re sure people are already heavily speculating as to where this DLC could take players.

Elden Ring was 2022’s juggernaut, offering the Dark Souls formula to an open-world game. It brought hundreds of hours to players, and now, with DLC, the game will give players a whole new reason to jump back on Torrent and ride towards the nearest enemy looking to absolutely murder you.

What does Shadow fo the Erdtree mean? When is the DLC coming out? These are all questions we still have, and be sure to stay connected at Prima Games because we will answer these questions as soon as more information becomes available.

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