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Earthbound Community Page Makes Welcome Debut

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo has lots of love for its SNES role-playing classic, Earthbound.

Following the game’s release on the Wii U Virtual Console service earlier this month, the company opened a new community page for it, which you can find here.  The page will act as “your official source for the latest Earthbound news and information,” indicating we haven’t seen the last of the series.

In addition, Shigesato Itoi, the original creator behind the SNES game, said some kind words on the blog page:

“The person who passed away has to be in all sorts of different people’s memories. 
What they’ve done, how stupid they were, what kind of things they did for fun, 
and how kind that person was sometimes.
 All the people who are still alive are laughing, wanting to be the first one to bring up those things to everyone around them.
The life I want to live is something that can be concluded with that kind of a party-like wake.
Fame and fortune, setting records and accomplishments are all meaningless.
That person is inside those stories that are told, 
where people talk about their episodes, casually and sincerely.”

“Well, it’s not dead, and it’s not even human, 
but to me Earthbound is a game that’s kind of like that guy.”

“Now that you’ll be able to play Earthbound to your heart’s content, 
I hope you’ll play it with someone and create all kinds of great, happy memories.
I’m glad that this day has come.
 And I think everyone who had a part in making this game is very excited too.”

Earthbound is available for download on the Wii U for $9.99.  We highly suggest checking it out.

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