If you haven't played it on Xbox 360 yet, Earth Defense Force 2017 is nothing short of a cult classic.  You trash invading bug and robot enemies using a number of on-foot soldiers and vehicles, all while ridiculously hilarious voice samples spread throughout.  Track it down if you can.

And make sure you save some room for the portable version.  D3 Publisher has announced today that it is bringing the PS Vita version of EDF 2017 to the US, starting on January 8th.  The game will be exclusively available as a download through the PlayStation Network store, and will run you $39.99 – a fairly decent price for schlocky over-the-top action.

The game will feature various stages of enemies to wipe out, along with unlockable weapons that you can upgrade to and vehicles to trash enemies with.  And, of course, you can destroy pretty much everything, from tall buildings to freeways, using a simple missile shot.  And who knows, you just might take a few of those bothersome bugs with you for good measure.

We're looking forward to this one, and will have a preview for you shortly after the New Year.  This one's for the EDF!