At one point, it looked as if Electronic Arts was going to be an unbeatable partner for the Wii U, supplying a number of popular sports titles as well as other franchises.  But when we checked out the Nintendo press conference last week, the only EA title that made the cut in the previews was Mass Effect 3.  While that is a welcome surprise, we have to wonder…are the games coming, Electronic Arts?

The team answered back today with a resounding yes.  In an interview with CVG, Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, stated that EA is indeed working on a number of unannounced projects for the Wii U, sports and otherwise.  “We’ve got a couple of more games in development for Wii U.  And we’ll have a bigger lineup for Wii U than we did on the Wii.  It is the first next-generation platform coming out so we’re really supporting it.”

He continued, “Just looking at E3 and where we’re at, we wanted to hold our fire a little bit on a couple of the other games that we’re working on.  We’ll have more announcements this summer on the rest of the Wii U line-up.”

The sooner the better, team.