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EA Will Reportedly Reveal a Fan-Favorite Series Revival in July

by Morgan Shaver

Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat recently hinted at plans EA might have to reveal a fan-favorite series revival at EA Play Live on July 22. As for what this series could be, everyone has been excitedly guessing with the most popular guess being Dead Space. 

Given how much we love the Dead Space series, we’re already preparing to be disappointed just in case. But either way, it sounds like gamers will want to catch EA Play Live on July 22 to find out what the series actually is!

EA Will Reportedly Reveal a Fan-Favorite Series Revival in July 

Everyone has been speculating over what fan-favorite series is getting a revival from EA after GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb recently teased the idea. Digging in deeper, Eurogamer also reported on this fan-favorite series revival news. 

Apparently, EA Motive (Star Wars Squadrons) is the one working on this revival of an “established, fan-favorite IP” and according to Jeff Grubb, the big reveal will happen next month on July 22 during EA Play Live. 

Many are taking this news to mean that Dead Space is coming back in some form or another. However, it could also be in reference to the Skate series or Burnout, or some other game entirely. At the moment, it’s hard to say.

To find out exactly what this fan-favorite series revival is, it’s recommended that people tune in when EA Play Live airs on July 22. At that time, we’ll be sure to update you on what’s revealed and what that means for the revival of that particular series.

Until then, we’re always eager to hear your speculation over what fan-favorite series could be getting a revival courtesy of EA. Do you think it’s Dead Space, or something else? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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