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EA Motive Shows Off Dismemberment, Zero-Gravity, & Isaac’s Voice In Very Early Game Footage of Dead Space Remake

by Jesse Vitelli

EA Motive showcased some very early footage of the Dea Space Remake during its developer livestream. The stream showcased pre-production shots and footage of environments, and the character models.

EA Motive Shows Off Dismemberment, Zero-Gravity, & Isaac’s Voice In Very Early Game Footage of Dead Space Remake

We learned the game is running on the Frostbite engine, which isn’t surprising considering almost every EA game at this point runs on this engine. It’s easy to see how much work and evolution there has been with this remake when Motive showed side-by-side shots. 

Dimly lit hallways now feature more details on the walls and objects scattered around these metallic and cold areas. The lighting showcases the fog that ruminates the hallways along the ground of each area. 

The team is looking to make the game playable without loading from one end of the ship to the other, keeping players immersed from start to finish. 

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Later in the stream Motive revealed some of the dismemberment tech it’s using to bring the guns and enemies of Dead Space to life. It’s extremely early footage, but we were able to see the Plasma Cutter and other weapons effects against the enemies and how limb cutting works in the game. The team is still working on VFX and SFX for feedback and the impact of the enemies, but this small glimpse was enough to quell fan’s fears. 

The team wants to extend this level of dismemberment to the other enemies in the game. Enemies like the Brute or Infector didn’t have a ton of dismemberment depth in the original game, and Motive wants to rectify that in the remake. 

After this Motive showed off the Zero Gravity features it’s taking from 2 and 3 and implemented in the original. Now you have more free roam capabilities using Isaac’s thrusters in zero-G instead of having to jump from platform to platform. 

We also learned that Isaac will be voiced by Gunnar Wright, who voiced the character in Dead Space 2 and 3. The character was not voiced in the original game, but Motive is bringing a voice to the character in the first game. However, the team had two rules for his new voice in the remake. 

Isaac will only speak when spoken to by another character, and he will speak in a situation where it would feel weird if he remained silent. They don’t want the voice to break immersion. 

If you missed the stream you can catch the VOD here.

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