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EA Earns Guinness World Record for Most Downvoted Reddit Comment

by Nicholas Barth

The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II was not the smoothest, as the game’s community was very critical of the microtransactions EA had implemented for the title. This frustration of the microtransaction system in Star Wars: Battlefront II led to the creation of a Reddit thread which prompted a response by a community manager for EA. This particular comment by EA did not go over well at all in the community. The negative reception of this Reddit comment led to it earning the Guinness World Record for most downvoted Reddit comment. 

According to a report by PCGamer, the notorious Reddit comment made by EA in defense of the microtransaction system that was implemented in Star Wars: Battlefront II at its launch earned the Guinness World Record for most downvoted Reddit comment when it reached 683,000 downvotes. At the time of writing, this particular comment currently sits at 667,821 downvotes. 

News of the comment earning a place in the Guinness World Record book was shown off to the community in a post on the Star Wars subreddit

The controversial title had seen a great deal of rework over its lifespan and is in a much better place than where it was when it first launched. Unfortunately, its infamous microtransaction system from when it was first released has caused the game to be the subject manner of the most downvoted Reddit comment in history. 

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