Ever want to do a live streaming session on Twitch.tv but feared the set-up that you'd need with video equipment and game capture tools?  Well, that's about to become a thing of the past, especially if you're a subscriber of Electronic Arts' online Origin services.

The company has announced today that it is adding Twitch.tv support to the service, which lets users connect their Origin account to their channels and set up live streams through EA's own portal service.  This is mainly rolling out first to those who jumped in for beta updates previous, though everyone else will get it soon thereafter.  And more functionality is set to be added in the months ahead, depending on what certain features are needed.

You can adjust the resolution and frame rate on your services as needed, and also set up an "indicator" overlay showing you who's all tuning in, and how long you've been streaming.  So if you need a break, you can let the audience down easy.

We'll see how these services hold up in the months ahead…