EA Access and Origin Access Are Now EA Play

And EA Play is now EA Play Live because rebranding can be confusing.

Electronic Arts is shaking up the way they do subscription services. Beginning next week, EA Access and Origin Access will simply be known as EA Play, and their live EA Play outing that is usually part of E3 each year will be known as EA Play Live.

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As of right now, the changes will be name-only, with more benefits arriving down the road for subscribers. The current benefits include a library of titles to play, early trials, and a 10% discount. EA Play will retain the same price as EA Access and Origin Access, which is $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a whole year. So, what happens to Origin Access Premier? Well, I’m glad you asked. That will now be branded as EA Play Pro and it will still cost $14.99 a month or $99.99 for a year. Benefits for this include extra content for games, full early titles, access to the premier vault, and the same 10% discount.

This, of course, is announced just ahead of EA bringing their subscription service to Steam. While it is currently known as EA Access, that branding will be going away as of August 18th. After that, it will be known as EA Play, EA Play Pro, and EA Play Live. This is in an effort to streamline their branding. “EA Play puts you at the center of the experience,” the post on EA’s website reads. “Moving all the benefits to a single brand is an important step in streamlining our services to ensure that being an EA Play member is the best way to play.”

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The company also noted how the branding won’t be the only new things included. In the coming months, they will begin to add additional perks, including exclusive in-game challenges as well as monthly reward drops on select titles for those who are subscribed. One example they provided is Ultimate Team Packs as well as exclusive vanity and cosmetic items that could be included in the future bonus rewards for members.

As stated above, fans will begin to notice the rebranding take effect on August 18th. From that point on, EA Play, EA Play Pro, and EA Play Live will be in full swing. Well, we’ll have to wait until next year for EA Play Live, but you get the idea.

What do you think about all of this? Was the whole Access scheme a little confusing, or will the new EA Play branding confuse people even more? Sound off with those thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!

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