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Dying Light Gets Stunning 12-Minute Gameplay Video

by Prima Games Staff

WB Games’ Dying Light is easily one of the company’s most anticipated games, thanks to its fresh combination of parkour stunts and zombie killing. Today, the publisher provided a much closer look at the game through a new 12-minute gameplay trailer.

With this new footage, you’ll get a closer look at the turmoil-filled world. Of course, that’s on top of the undead creatures you’ll have to deal with – who get especially nasty once the sun goes down. 

The video also comes with bits and pieces of developer commentary from the team at Techland, so you get an inside perspective on how the game works. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of its previous Dead Island games.

Dying Light releases in 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PC and PlayStation 3.