Sony’s push for independent games on its service is starting to pick up, between the return of its PSN Play program (which you can find in our News section) and the forthcoming release of DYAD.  A one-man project developed by Shawn McGrath, the game is a hybrid of puzzle/strategy and music/rhythm, something you don’t see very often in this industry.

You work your way through a series of virtual pipes, which interact with the player along with the selected background tunes.  You link to similarly colored nodes in order to progress even further into each stage, building your score and adding boost to your cursor.  Along the way, you’ll also avoid enemies that can easily slow you down, or obstacles that spell an end to your run.

DYAD is set to sell for $14.99 and will be released on PlayStation Network on July 17.  We’ve been playing it for a while now and can definitely say it’s worth the cash, especially if you love classic games like Tempest or Harmonix’s Frequency and Amplitude.  This almost seems like a next-generation entry in that genre.  Plus, the music is fabulous.

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