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Dream Garage: Choosing the Best Cars For Gran Turismo 5

by Prima Games Staff

Gran Turismo 5 is easily one of this generation’s better driving games, capturing the essence of a true simulation while also packing some amazing graphics – the best you’ll find on current hardware – and unprecedented gameplay, made even better by Logitech’s steering wheel accessories.  If you haven’t had a chance to hop on board with it yet, this is the ideal time to do so, especially since the game’s recently released XL Edition is going for a meager $20.

To help get you initiated with the game – and give you a feel of some of the more exquisite rides that Polyphony Digital’s latest has to offer – we here at Prima Games have come up with an “essentials guide”, suggesting various cars that not only look good going around the track, but also provide an experience unlike any other.  Besides, chances are you probably won’t be able to drive these babies around for real, so you may as well do the next best thing.

Let’s begin the test drive already…

2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype

What better way to start our Gran Turismo 5 run than with the newest car being offered via DLC?  First introduced on the eve of the Detroit International Motor Show, the 2014 Corvette Stingray packs all the quality of classic vehicles into a sleek new build, and one built with thunderous performance under the hood.  Polyphony worked closely with the Corvette team to make it feel like you’re really behind its wheel, and it shows on some of the fancier tracks in the game.  And you’ve got time to practice with it, as it won’t actually be entering production until mid-next year.  The car is available to download for no charge through the PlayStation Store.

Ferrari 330 P4

Want to go for a ride in a Ferrari without worrying about the $200,000 price tag that goes with it (or higher if you want extras installed)?  Hop into the shop and get ready to spend 20,000,000 credit points on this beauty.  With a sporty design, high quality performance, and futuristic windows that almost make you feel like you’re flying down the road (yes, we’re serious), this baby is sure to leave a few automotive fans drooling.

Pagani Zonda

Okay, so let’s say you want a good, definitive car that isn’t going to clean out your credit account, as the above-mentioned Ferrari easily would.  No problem.  One of the first cars you’ll come across in the game is the Pagani Zonda, available for a much cheaper price of 2,600,000 credits.  You’ll be able to acquire it rather easily and take advantage of its superior handling and top-notch speed.  The outside build is nice too, with just enough polish to make you look fancy during events.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

If you’re taking part in Gran Turismo 5’s rally races – and who could resist the opportunity to do so – you’re going to need a durable ride that handles just as well on the rough roads as it does on the tarmac.  The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is able to handle such a task, running low on cost (30,000 credits) and more than making up for the price in performance and handling.  This is a fun one to kick up some dust with.

Lamborghini Nomad DIABLO GT-1

There are some cars that require you to do a bit of hunting for them, as they’re prized possessions that you can’t just pick up on any old lot.  But for those of you who do enough scavenging, you can grab this ultra-rare vehicle for your collection.  Featuring a top speed that will make you break out in sweats and a comfortable design that makes it a breeze to steer, even from inside the cockpit, the Nomad DIABLO GT-1 is amongst Lamborghini’s best.  We’d happy to see this one make a return in the next GT – and with better accessibility, thanks.

Nissan GTR ’07

If you’re looking for a machine that you can add extra horsepower to, rather than something that’s a beast right from the start, the Nissan GTR ’07 is the way to go.  Priced at a fairly good 77,700 credits, this baby lets you double the strength of the engine to over 800, while also offering a number of alloys and easy maneuverability with the steering.  It’s also quite good during particular events in the first few hours of the game, before you start upgrading to something a little fiercer.  But who knows, you just might upgrade it enough to make it a keeper.

Formula Gran Turismo

Finally, though it may not be based on an actual vehicle, any die-hard Gran Turismo fan would be wise to add this Formula-built beauty to their collection, even with the 7,000,000 credit price tag.  It’s got performance written all over it, as it’ll conquer events with ease (unless you drive like an elderly person, obviously) and handles like a dream.  The only car that could possibly perform it is the Red Bull X2010, and that’s a little tougher to come by.  Just stick with the Turismo and be prepared for the ride of your life.

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition is available now for PlayStation 3.

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