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DrDisRespect Twitch Ban Update, Returning Soon

by Lucas White

Popular streaming personality gimmick Dr DisRespect, played by Guy Beahm,  has been the subject of a huge online controversy after he was permanently banned from Twitch. The character has been missing from the content world for over a month now, only popping up in some recent interviews over the high-profile banning. But fans and other interested parties who have been watching every possible move have put together clues suggesting Beahm is about ready to bring Dr DisRespect back.

Is Dr DisRespect Returning Soon?

The first clue comes from the Dr DisRespect Instagram account, which went live earlier. The brief stream was a cryptic parody of a news broadcast, with a barely-audible voice over noting that Dr DisRespect is getting ready to stream again, and could be coming back as early as today (August 6, 2020).

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Naturally this was all over the internet in short order, and the more dedicated folks in the game streaming community found a more subtle clue. Dr DisRespect’s YouTube channel now has a $4.99 Join button, which seems to have just appeared on the account today. Apparently the channel will be offering some sort of “membership perks” to those willing to pay the monthly subscription costs.

There seems to be some confusion over what this means, as at least one person tracking all this activity suggested this Join button feature is only available for channels as part of the YouTube Partner Program. However, others on the esports/streaming journalism sphere are disagreeing, stating Beahm’s post-Twitch activity has been heading towards independent streams rather than single-platform partnerships.

To date, no public information on the reasoning behind the Dr DisRespect Twitch ban has been provided. Twitch itself has only spoken to its terms of use policies, while Beahm has stated in interviews that he has not been told the reason for the ban either. It is worth noting that Beahm has had run-ins with the Twitch terms of use before, resulting in temporary bans up until recently.

As of this writing no formal announcements have been made by anyone, so all we can see are these signs of movement, or to be more specific, setting up whatever the plan is. Could we end up seeing social media feeds full of yelling about Dr DisRespect’s return today? Time will only tell.

Do you have feelings about all the Dr DisRespect drama? Are you planning on subscribing to his content, or are you just here for the controversy? Let us know what your take on all this is over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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