Announced last year, a new Dragon Quest mobile game will soon see an official localized launch in North America. Titled Dragon Quest Tact, this is a much more recent and modern game compared to Dragon Quest of the Stars, albeit in a totally different genre.

As the name implies, Dragon Quest Tact is a turn-based, tactical RPG not unlike much smaller DSiWare release Dragon Quest Wars. Today, Square Enix has launched its pre-registration/pre-order option for Apple's iOS platform.

Dragon Quest Tact Pre-Registration Comes to iOS, King Slime Launch Bonus Announced

Previously, when the game was originally announced, Dragon Quest fans could only pre-register for Dragon Quest Tact on the Google Play store for Android platforms. Dragon Quest Tact will launch for both Android and iOS platforms on the same day, January 27 2021, but iOS games typically don't have pre-order runs until much closer to launch. 

In addition to pre-orders, any Dragon Quest fans who get in on this new game early will get a special bonus. For a limited time during its launch window, players who start Dragon Quest Tact will recieve a King Slime for their party right off the bat.

Dragon Quest Tact is another one of those "gacha" mobile games, meaning your party will be bolstered by random draws, story completion, and other means that have premium purchases backing them. So getting a King Slime, one of Dragon Quest's more iconic creatures without any demands on the game's part will be a good bump.

It's too early to see if Dragon Quest Tact will stand out among its peers, but we'll all be able to find out soon enough. Until then, from a fan perspective it's nice to see this series pop up on the mobile marketplace in English, something that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

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