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Dragon Quest 7 Coming To Nintendo 3DS

by Prima Games Staff

If you think the Dragon Quest isn’t that big a deal, you apparently haven’t seen how crazy people go for the series overseas in Japan. It sells millions of copies with each release, and with Dragon Quest X already confirmed for the Wii U, you can bet that a few million more will shuffle out the door before too long.


But that’s not the only release fans can look forward to. According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Jump, a remake of the PlayStation classic Dragon Quest 7 is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, slated for release sometime in early 2013 (more than likely February).


The game will retain all its quests and characters from the original game, and will even have a sense of multiplayer interaction, as you can pass along limited edition lithographs to friends through the StreetPass function.


Square Enix hasn’t yet confirmed a U.S. release for the title, but seeing how the fan base over here for the franchise is growing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it show up sometime down the road. Stay tuned.

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