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Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode and Online Details

by Bryan Dawson

It’s been a big news week for Dragon Ball FighterZ and the information just keeps on coming! Now we have brand new information on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode, as well as new info on what players should expect from the Online Mode. This comes hot on the heels of information concerning when you can get your hands on Dragon Ball FighterZ, and additional information about post-launch content. So let’s dive right in for the latest on Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Story Mode Details

Story Mode will feature the Link System which allows players to embody different characters, share their minds and even discuss with them while they live in the same body. The Story Mode will feature three different parts, allowing players to experience three separate perspectives. Players will start with the Super Warriors Arc from the perspective of the Saiyans, then move on to the Super Villain Arc from the perspective of the villains and end with the Android Arc from the perspective of the Androids.

Playing through different fighting combinations in these three chapters, players will level up their characters as the brand new story unravels! The story mode map also allows for tactical moves as players have different options for their next destination. The choices you make here will have an impact on your fighting abilities during future fights!

Online Mode Details

More details have been revealed concerning the online modes that will be available when the game releases early next year. Circle Match mode will allow up to eight players to enter a room and fight against each other. Unlike normal online lobbies in fighting games, up to four fights can happen simultaneously. This is similar to how the closed beta worked, except on a smaller scale. Those who got a chance to play last month should have a general idea of how this works. The World Match mode will allow players to choose between casual and ranked matches like most other fighting games.

Players will be able to get their hands on the game when it hits store shelves on January 26, 2018. For more on pre-order details or general game information, be sure to check out our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!