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The DP Sound Library Let’s Fans Listen To 149 Tracks

by Jesse Vitelli

The Pokemon Company has announced The pokemon Diamond and Pearl Sound Library. A new website that allows fans to listen to 149 music tracks as well as make six-song playlists for personal listening pleasure. 

The DP Sound Library Let’s Fans Listen To 149 Tracks 

The announcement tweet, with a link to the website, can be seen below.

The tweet also specifies that these songs can be used in “personal video and music creation” meaning that fans and creators alike will be able to use these tunes to create content. This site has been in Japan for quite some time now, but has finally made its way over to the United States.

You can read the about section of the site here.

“”MUSIC BOX” section allows you to stream 149 tracks of music and sound effects in Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version for free. You can also select your top 6 favorite songs and create your very own “Party Track”. Dig in the “PLAYLISTS” section curated and arranged by themes.”

We’re excited to see what people do with these tracks and hope Nintendo and The Pokemon Company do more of these down the line. 

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