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Download The Last of Us Demo Starting Today

by Prima Games Staff

Back when God of War: Ascension released in March, one of the highlights of that ultra-violent package was the ability to try out Naughty Dog’s latest action/adventure The Last of Us via a downloadable demo.  While the demo wasn’t available right away, it’s now available.

Naughty Dog has officially unlocked The Last of Us’ demo and you can download it now through the PlayStation Network if you still have your copy of Ascension handy.

Here’s how it works.  Pop in God of War: Ascension and make sure you’re updated to patch 1.07 (it should do it automatically when the game loads).  From there, head to the main menu and hit the square button to get to The Last of Us demo menu.  It’ll link you to the PlayStation Store, where you’ll be able to download the new Outskirts level that has Joel and Ellie dealing with various Infected enemies.

We’ll give the demo a run-around and let you know what we think before the game’s release.

The Last of Us hits stores and PlayStation Network on June 14th.

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