Whenever they're offered, Humble Bundles give game players the chance to pick up some fine deals while helping out charity.  In the past, we've seen a few good ones offered, including a whopper of a deal from THQ.  Now it's Double Fine's turn and the game developer has plenty to offer.

Through its promotion, you can pay a minimal fee and get Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking for dirt cheap.  In addition, you can pay $7.93 extra and get the rock-worthy Brutal Legend or you can pay $35 and get backer access to the KickStarter project Broken Age (formerly known as Double Fine Adventure) OR you can pay $70 and get all that, plus a collector's edition t-shirt.

Tim Schafer, sans facial hair, introduced the bundle in a humorous new video, where he literally blends everything together to make a tasty – actually, make that less than tasty – smoothie.  Games are meant for enjoying with your hands not your taste buds, but the promo trailer is well worth watching.

You can buy the Humble Double Fine Bundle here. You've only got 12 days left to do so!