If you're a classic Sega gamer, then there's no doubt that the Sega Genesis era meant something of great value to you – and for good reason.  A lot of superb titles came out of this era.  But if you somehow missed out on it, or just want to relive it again, DotEmu has just the deal for you.

The download service is offering a huge bundle of Sega Genesis games – 40 in all – for the smack-down price of $10.  Yeah, I know, shut the front door!  Right?

This list includes a number of favorites, including the first two Streets of Rage games, Ristar, Decap-Attack, Gunstar Heroes, five different Sonic the Hedgehog games, Altered Beast, a variety of RPG's (including the Shining games and Landstalker), Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Space Harrier II and so much more.  You can find the full list, and the game purchase link, here.

Buying games for a quarter a pop is hardly something that should be passed up, so head on over and play you some classics.  We'll see you guys in Galaxy Force 2 land…