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The Division 2 Lays Out Year 1 Content, DLC, and Monetization Plans

by Prima Games Staff

The Division 2 is getting close to hosting its open beta weekend on March 1 and subsequent launch on March 15. As such, Ubisoft outlined the year-long content roadmap for prospective players, including details about its Year 1 Pass and the game’s monetization system.

The company plans to release three episodes throughout the first year to expand The Division 2’s universe and story. Each episode, which will be free for players, will include story content while introducing new ways to play. Three new Specialization will launch alongside the episodes, bringing with them additional weapons and skill trees to unlock.

The first episode, called “D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions” will take players out to Washington DC’s surrounding areas to hunt elite Outcasts and Black Tusks members while liberating these areas along the way.

Episode two, “Pentagon: The Last Castle,” features “one of America’s most iconic locations” (we’re guessing it’s the Pentagon building) to uncover the secrets hidden inside a maze.

No details about the third and final episode of Division 2 Year 1 have been revealed yet, but it promises to set things up for the next year.

Those who purchase a Year 1 Pass will have the following benefits:

  • 7-Day Early Access to Episode Narrative Content
  • Instant unlock of the Year 1 Specializations (instead of unlocking through gameplay)
  • Exclusive Access to Classified Assignments (8 in total, along with unique trophies and customization items)
  • Additional Bounties and Projects (perk ends March 1, 2020)
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Items (Agent Ward Outfit and Scout emote)

As for post-launch monetization, Ubisoft makes it clear that purchasable items are strictly optional. They include the Year 1 Pass and an in-game apparel store that uses premium currency for cosmetic items. Further down the road, the game will offer Apparel Caches, which will only offer mystery cosmetic items. Acquiring a Cache will not provide any kind of gameplay advantage because they will not contain any weapons, crafting materials or other gear.

As stated in the blog post, the developers want players to “organically earn new pieces of Apparel” while adventuring through the game. The store options are there for those who would rather speed up the process of obtaining cosmetic items. 

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