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The Division 2 Open Beta Offers Extra Content To Players

by Prima Games Staff

The Division 2 open beta will run from March 1-4, and Ubisoft is preparing to kick things off by offering more reasons for players to check it out. Those who played the closed beta a few weeks ago can look forward to additional never before seen content in the open beta.

That’s right. While the closed beta included two missions, the open will have three. Although Ubisoft didn’t reveal too many details, the third mission is called “Viewpoint Museum,” indicating that it could take place in the Smithsonian. Given the size of these missions, that’s actually quite a bit of extra content to play through.

The list of new content includes:

  • Level cap increase to level 8
  • An additional Story mission, Viewpoint Museum
  • Chem Launcher skill with two variants; Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor
  • Two new Settlement Projects with the second upgrade of the Theater
  • An additional Skirmish PVP map, Capitol Ruins

Similar to the closed beta, the open beta will conclude by showing off some endgame content, where players are provided with level 30 characters and battle against the Black Tusk.

The Division 2 releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15. 

Prima Games Staff

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