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Divinity: Original Sin Studio Seemingly Teases Baldur’s Gate 3

by Liana Ruppert

The Baldur’s Gate franchise is one of the most heralded RPG experiences out there. The original gaming trilogy met its end back in 2001, and still to this day is booming with fan love and the gaming community’s passion. Now it looks like Larian Studios, the team that gave us the incredible Divinity Original Sin franchise, is teasing the return of Baldur’s Gate in a huge way.

Larian posted up earlier today a suspicious graphic with the number 3. The most obvious reaction was that this was a tease for Divinity: Original Sin 3, since the sequel did so well, but Kotaku decided to dive a little deeper and because of that, with the help of Twitter user @Kunkken, that there is a lot of evidence that it’s a new Baldur’s Gate instead. 

Brace for a thread: 

And for the cleaner TLDR:

Given that Original Sin was an incredible successor to the Baldur’s Gate franchise, Larian’s involvement for the future of BG would be huge. For now, it’s all speculation but with E3 less than two weeks away, perhaps we’ll have some form of an official announcement!