DiveKick Officially Coming to Steam/PC August 20th

Ready, aim, DIVEKICK!

DiveKick, the two-button fighting game first introduced by the developers at Iron Galaxy earlier this year, has grown into a huge phenomenon over the past few months.  It made a big splash at such events as PAX East and EVO 2K13, with its audience more intrigued at dive-kicking their opponents into submission.  Now the game is about to be introduced to a whole new crowd.

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In addition to releasing on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, the brawler will make its way to PC/Steam on August 20th as well.  It’ll sell for $9.99, and will feature a roster of 13 fighters to choose from, including a modified version of former Capcom-turned-Sony employee Seth Killian.  The game will also support Big Picture display, as well as Steamworks.

To learn more about the awesomeness of DiveKick, check out our strategic preview here


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