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Dispatches From Northwatch – Part 13: Solstheim Smithing (2 of 4): Chitin Armor

Ready to don some Chitin Armor? Official guide author, David Hodgson, discusses the finer points of Solstheim Smithing.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Last Time: I took a brief detour from my meandering through Skyrim to toll away at forges in an attempt to create some new Bonemold armor. It’s all detailed here.
This Time: I buckle up and squeeze into Chitin Armor. It’s all detailed here:

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Indigenous Armor: Chitin Armor is a great example of protection derived from the living creatures of Solstheim. In this case, Netch Leather (harvested from the strange floating beasts shown grazing by this waterfall) and Chitin Plates (taken from slain Ash Hoppers that infest the lower climbs of the island) are needed before a forge is found.

If you’ve trained in Smithing to Level 30, and you’ve obtained the Elven Smithing perk, Chitin Armor is now available to smith at any Blacksmith’s Forge (either on Solstheim or the mainland of Skyrim). Of course, you’ll need to bring Netch Leather (harvested from the large floating herd animals of the same name that inhabit the shores of Solstheim), Iron Ingots, and Chitin Plate; the carapace armor of the Ash Hoppers that infest the dusty dunes of the southern part of the island. If you’re thinking of upgrading a piece of Chitin Armor at a workbench (make sure you have the Elven Smithing perk to double the improvement), seek out further Chitin Plates with which to temper your armor.

Chitin Armor: Strange silver plates of armor only found on the isle of Solstheim, the infamous Morag Tong assassins favor a variation of this protection (more darker in hue), which is hardwearing and lightweight.

Chitin Armor comes in both light and heavy varieties, and can be crafted into Armor, Boots, Bracers, Helmet, and Shields. The helmets are particularly fearsome-looking, as they obscure the wearer and give a rather other-worldly appearance. In terms of strength and durability, light Chitin Armor is similar in quality to Elven and Scaled armor, while heavy Chitin Armor shares the same armor rating as Steel Plate, but is lighter.

You’ve Got to be Chitin Me: Notice the flatter helmet sported by this soon-to-be-dead Reaver Lord making his home in Bloodskal Barrow? He’s wearing the heavy variant of this armor, which also has more pronounced shoulder plate sections compared to light Chitin.

Are you the kind of adventurer than shuns all that sweating over a molten forge, and wants some hairy-armed Nord to manufacture your armor for you? Then you have few options in the land of Solstheim. Glover Mallory, over at Raven Rock, usually has a few pieces to purchase. Various sections of this armor can turn up randomly in chests during your reconnoiters. Or, you can pry off sections of Chitin armor after dealing a death blow to a Reaver; these bandit types sometimes don this type of armor (as well as Bonemold and other types). And there’s always the Morag Tong to assault over at Ashfallow Citadel (assuming you’re playing through Solstheim Side Quest: Served Cold).

Severin Ties to the Morag Tong: Deep within Ashfallow Citadel, this fellow resides with a particularly natty type of Chitin Armor favored by the Morag Tong. Slice him up, then upgrade it using Leather, a Workbench, and (for extra improvement) your Advanced Armors perk.

How are your armor and weapon creations influenced? Are the environments of Solstheim helpful to your crafting? Tell us about it here.

Until next time (when I provide further knowledge regarding the smithing techniques available in Dragonborn), may your Chitin Armor never splinter, and your Morag Tong confrontations always result in spilt Dunmeri blood.

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