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Disney Universe Strategy – Part 2: Defeating Bosses 3 and 4

by Prima Games Staff

Here we are with the next two bosses in our exclusive Disney Universe strategy blog post.

Lion King

First roaring our way, is the Lion King level. In the final area, you must face off against the dual-cannon wielding Scar. Shoot the targets as they pop up over his shoulders to stun him. Keep in mind this will delay his attacks but not harm him, so while he’s momentarily stunned, shoot him while you can to knock a few points off his life meter. But once his meter hits zero, he’s not done yet! He comes back at you for another round. Keep blasting at the target on his belly until he’s gone for good, and claim the Simba costume as your reward.

Monsters, Inc

Next up, is Monsters, Inc., where you battle—what else—a bunch of doors! A large swath of faulty doors rises up and waves of enemies attack. After fending them off, dodge the laser beam shooting out of one of the faulty doors.  Then run to the left side of the array of doors and turn the knob clockwise to bring down another faulty door, which shoots blobs at you. Dodge the blobs, turn the crank, and lower the next door. This door shoots fire, so be nimble and quick as you evade the flames and battle more enemies. The final door fires three energy beams. Avoid getting hit, then grab the door and chop it up. If you can doom the doors, you unlock the uni-eyed Mike costume.

Coming up in the next few days are our final two boss beatdown tips—for Aladdin and Wall-E—so check back soon.

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