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Disney Universe Strategy – Part 1: Defeating Bosses 1 and 2

by Prima Games Staff

Whether you’ve never been to a Disney theme park or have been there 100 times, Disney Universe is an amazing new game that transports you into the worlds of Disney like never before.

A frenetic action-adventure where Disney worlds and characters mix it up for the first time, Disney Universe allows you to suit-up in iconic costumes and face fearful yet familiar challenges in legendary Disney environments. Defeat enemies, collect coins and power-ups, unlock new costumes and explore everywhere as you battle in a mash-up of worlds inspired by numerous Disney and Pixar films.

And while there are lots of fun, fantastic, and familiar friends and foes to face in the game, we’re here with some exclusive, official, EXCLUSIVE Disney Universe strategy to give you, as Mickey might say, the “keys to the kingdom!”

How? By showing you how to take down the six major bosses that appear at the end of six memorable worlds from Disney!

We’ll unveil two new bosses today, and the rest over the next week, so check back here before, during and after Turkey Day…

First up, is Pirates of the Caribbean: Collect the Mermaid Tears. The boss of this level is a mermaid, and you need to collect her tears to make her cry. You make her cry by blasting her with a cannon hidden under the water. After you fend off her cohorts and bring her to tears, you meet a secret guest that allows you to unlock a very recognizable costume.

The second final level we’ll cover today is Alice in Wonderland, where you must Defeat the Jabberwocky boss. Attack the Jabberwocky’s hands as it slams them down at you. Jump over the shockwave and dodge the fire he spits at you, while hurling bombs at him. You’ll know he’s almost finished when he slouches over and opens his mouth, revealing a target inside. Hit that target with a bomb and you no longer have to beware the jabberwocky, my friend.

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