Disney Interactive has been a bit iffy on platform development lately, after cancelling a couple of projects, laying off a few teams (including Eagle Rock Studios, the developers of the awesome Split/Second) and dealing more with family oriented projects, mainly in the social realm like Facebook.  But, as you probably could tell from the forthcoming Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, they still care about consoles.  And now they're tackling an interesting new project called Toy Box.

Though very few details about Toy Box have been revealed, it could be a tie-in with what we first discovered in the video game adaptation of Toy Story 3, which featured the ability to create your own virtual world using items that were unlocked in the game.  That's just guessing, though.  An excerpt from a New York Times article kind of teased what the team could have in mind with Toy Box…

Mr. Pleasants is also pouring money into a project Disney refers to as Toy Box, a console game with extensive mobile and online applications in which various Pixar and Disney characters will interact with one another for the first time. “I’m excited about what we’ve already done and where we’re going,” he said, adding that Disney has had three No. 1 apps in the last six months.

We'll have more information on the project as we get it!