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Disney Establishes Lucasfilm Games Brand Banner for Star Wars Videogames

by Lucas White

The “Lucas” brand’s history in videogames has been a little complicated to say the least, and I’m not talking about my impromptu game awards from last year. Lucasfilm, the outfit continuing to run Star Wars under its Disney leadership, has once again affixed a banner over its videogame operations.

While licensing is split between Electronic Arts and various mobile efforts produced internally, anything with a Star Wars logo on it will now also carry a new Lucasfilm Games logo. It seems like the folks running the show are going, ahem, Full Throttle with this banner, establishing bespoke social media accounts.

Disney Establishes Lucasfilm Games Brand Banner for Star Wars Videogames

While the official Star Wars website, which announced this news, appears to plan Lucasfilm Games coverage into the future, you’ll be able to follow a new Twitter and Facebook feed just for gaming news. A new sizzle reel launching the banner and showing off recent content was also dropped, which you can check out here:

What’s interesting here is that the sizzle reel doesn’t include any legacy content from the previous videogames banner, LucasArts. While Disney jettisoned the entire development arm of LucasArts back in 2013, LucasArts still exists as a license-holder for that content.

That said, while the new Lucasfilms Games banner seems to be focusing on Star Wars, a quick look at Steam listing shows games like the original Sam & Max Hit the Road listed with “Lucasfilm” as the publisher. Another aspect of this news that isn’t clear, is how this branding will impact previously-existing social channels.

The EA Star Wars feed appears to still be active for example, and the Lucasfilm Games Twitter feed currently consists mostly of retweets from the other brands. With games like the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga on the way, it won’t be long before we see how the messaging plans turn out. 

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