Disney Dreamlight Valley Belle Beast

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Finally Adding Belle and Beast After a Year of Teasing

The valley just got a whole lot more beautiful and beastly.

Nearly two months after Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps update was released, Gameloft has announced the newest additions to the game in celebration of its first anniversary. The Enchanted Adventure update, set to release later this month, will introduce Belle and Beast, the two main characters from the famous Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

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Since Disney Dreamlight Valley’s initial early access launch in September 2022, Belle was one of the first characters teased in the original splash art. It was only a matter of time before she made her grand appearance, and now, one year later, we finally get to see her and her lovable Beast in-game.

Currently, there is no set date for when Belle and Beast will arrive in Dreamlight Valley. According to official announcements from Gameloft, these two special characters are planned to appear later this month, so our best guess is in late September. In other words, around two to three weeks from now.

Just yesterday, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s social media pages also alluded to Belle and Beast’s grand introduction with an image of an enchanted rose on display. Judging by its sparkling appearance, it’ll likely be a part of one of their quests. It may even be part of the required mission to unlock Belle’s realm.

No further details have been revealed about the Enchanted Adventure update or Belle and Beast so far as of writing this page. So far, we know the two main characters of the update and an approximate release date for it. Like previous updates, Enchanted Adventure will likely come with new recipes, a limited-time Star Pass event, and fun new cosmetics to unlock through the Premium shop and Scrooge’s store.

Now that we know Belle and Beast will arrive in Dreamlight Valley soon, let’s hope they get along well with characters like Vanellope von Schweetz and the Toy Story gang.

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