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Dino Crisis Remake Reportedly Canned by Capcom Japan, But Don’t Lose Hope

by Liana Ruppert

Dino Crisis fans have been clamoring for a remake following the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3, but it looks like Capcom Japan still needs some convincing. We’ve had some leaks and rumors supporting a Dino Crisis remake was in the works but it looks like the head brass isn’t entirely convinced yet that this would be a lucrative move. 

The hesitancy regarding a Dino Crisis remake comes by way of gaming journo Liam Robertson as he dug deep into the history behind both Dino Crisis and Dead Rising, two franchises that have seemingly been left out in the dust. In Robertson’s findings, he found that Capcom Vancouver previously pitched a Dino Crisis remake years ago before it was shuttered back in 2018 following the Dead Rising decline and it was during that time that Capcom Japan nixed the idea where it stood. 

Granted, this occurred years ago and it was cited that during the original pitch, Capcom Japan didn’t see the need to pour resources into this particular move. Their thoughts very well may have changes considering what a massive launch – with good reason – of the Resident Evil 2 remake. While the Resident Evil 3 remake didn’t see quite as much fanfare, it also performed well showing that a trip down memory lane wouldn’t be the dumbest move; especially with a franchise as passionate as Dino Crisis. 

For those gamers that may be unfamiliar with the dinosaur classic, Dino Crisis first behooved itself to gamers back in 1999 and instantly it became a cult classic. Created by Shinji Mikami, gamers have always compared this franchise to that of the Resident Evil franchise, but with dinosaurs, so it’s pretty easy to see why it was such a huge hit. 

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Dino Crisis has also seen a few trademark renewals through the years, including the most recent update in December 2019, so it looks like not all is lost. Dino Crisis remake rumors have been a pretty constant thing since 2017, and remakes seem to be all the rage in recent years, so there’s some hope yet! For now, we wait and hope that if a new Dino is truly in the works that we can get a reveal sooner rather than later. 

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