Destiny 2: The Final Shape Delayed to Mid-2024

The triangle needs a little more time in the oven.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Key Art
Image via Bungie.

Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Final Shape, has had a lot of talk and hype surrounding it. Not only is it the final chapter for the Destiny storyline building up since the first game, but it’s also been marred by a fair bit of controversy. Especially when it comes to the recent layoffs Bungie went through. You’ll need to wait a bit longer if you are still excited despite all that’s happened. Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion has been delayed from February to June 2024.

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The reasoning behind this delay is that the team wants to “allow for an even bigger and bolder vision” for the game’s next expansion. It is a major milestone in the Destiny story, after all, so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise. This was also reported by Bloomberg back in late October, so most of us did see this result coming. Still, it’s unfortunate news for those who were excited to see this part of Destiny come to an end.

However, some of the woes regarding what that means for seasonal content can be put to rest. Bungie has also announced Destiny 2: Into the Light, a two-month content update set to release in April and lead up to the final two months before The Final Shape’s release. What this entails is a mystery at the time of writing, though we’ll likely hear more closer to launch. Alongside this are additional weekly progression quests starting in February, Guardian Games in March, and three new PvP maps to be added in May.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on June 4, 2024.

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